Hedge Funds – Back to School

Hedge fund is a type of private and unregistered investmentpool that employs sophisticated hedging and arbitrage

Hedge fund industry

techniques in both domestic and international markets  to generate high returns. Traditionally Hedge funds have been limited to sophisticated, wealthy investors because they required a large initial investment.

Earlier most of the hedge funds strategies such as leverage, long, short and derivative positions were focused on corporate equity markets. But now hedge funds new focus areas are commodities and money markets. Because hedge funds are unregistered, they can use  securities and strategies that are either prohibited or restricted in registered funds. That  is why Continue reading “Hedge Funds – Back to School”

India Growth Story

Apparently I did a lot of India growth stories through my postings. In the month of April when S&P downgraded India BBB- ?   that is the last rung in the ratings grade of S&P ,downgrade from here meaning India will be having speculative grade rating. I am very positive about it I don’t believe India’s growth problems are mainly related to global slow down. They are more structural in nature & need systemic changes.

Yesterday again S&P gave the red signal that India could be 1st BRIC to lose investment grade. Just look back Continue reading “India Growth Story”