Risk Management should be an Integral part of Corporate Culture

RISK is a four letter word and been fancied these days. Everyone knows about risk and every firm is accompanied bloghas best process, best standards, best people till the time an incident or big impact is not been made.

The recent example of fine imposed by the US authorities on various Investment banks like BNP PARIBAS SA, BANK OF AMERICA, RBS, HSBC, STAN CHARTED, ING, J.P. MORGAN are some of the examples of the above. Corporate are heavily investing in the compliance and in the risk management department but they forget to invest on the employees.

Risk management has become a key function in almost every large company, but all too frequently it makes an organization so risk-averse that initiative and innovation become paralyzed.  Continue reading “Risk Management should be an Integral part of Corporate Culture”


Well, its bit old actually, but it is still good:blog

Safety is a product, not a process.

It is being said in the industrial accident context. I’ll let the Ranter explain! through his blog.

In general, effective safety measures are usually something you do, and scattering costly “devices” around an unchanged process is a classic failure mode. Not least because they might instil a false sense of safety and lead people to take risks… Continue reading “RISK MANAGEMENT”

SWAPS TYPES – (Back to school)

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Continue from my last post Swaps try to understand the types of swaps :

  1. Swap in transaction: In such transaction the base currency is bought for near delivery & sold for forward delivery
  2. Swap out transactions : In such transaction the base currency is sold for near delivery & bought for forward delivery.
  3. Forward Swaps: In such transactions both the purchase and Sell transactions Continue reading “SWAPS TYPES – (Back to school)”

Risk Faced by Banks in foreign currency dealings !! – (Back to School)


RISK is a four letter word and have many definitions in different aspects. In the financial context it can be described as the probability of not achieving targeted financial performance.

Although all the business carry risk but the international business carry few additional risk exchange rate and interest rate.
Among the various participants in the foreign market the risk is faced by end users who initiate the transactions a commercial banks who provide committed rates to their Continue reading “Risk Faced by Banks in foreign currency dealings !! – (Back to School)”