Debt Vs Leverage

Generally, companies have two options when they wish to raise money. They can issue shares of stock, which are also

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known as equities. Alternatively, they can issue bonds, which are also known as debt instruments. Leverage ratios tell investors how much debt a company has outstanding relative to the equity in their capital structure. I will write the above soon, lets discuss about Leverage and debt now.

Recently Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) with Politico said, “Let’s use the debt limit, yes, as leverage.” As a practical matter, what he meant was, congressional Republicans should threaten to hurt Americans on purpose unless President Obama agrees to slash public investments. Because the White House won’t want such a catastrophe, Republicans will have “leverage” that Portman wants to see his party “use.”

In the finance world, debt and leverage are used interchangeably. Continue reading “Debt Vs Leverage”

Paying off !! The Personal Debt


When it comes to mathematics, certain facts are universally agreed-upon. For example, regardless of your culture or educational system, you must agree that one plus one equals two unless you mistakenly fall for an invalid proof. When dealing with money, why are people inclined to believe that one plus one does not equal two?

I recently attended a core empowerment training  and realized that One of the many reasons people can fall into debt is the difficulty of separating emotional thinking from rational thinking. The Debt Avalanche helps separate these two methods of thinking, Continue reading “Paying off !! The Personal Debt”