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I do not know how people can be so insane about Candy crush that Candy Crush Saga, made its pitch to potential investors for its bloginitial public offering couple of days back, revealing in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing just how good its business has been. By the way I don’t like the Candy crush invite on Facebook.

Every month, millions of people download King’s free apps, only to pay up for little digital trinkets that help them make progress in its games. People managing huge investment funds are probably just as hooked as the rest of us on those blinking jelly beans.

The way people changing taste social network and IT gaming companies en-cashing the opportunities, Facebook and Whats-app is a different story in line would put up with details soon.  Continue reading


Trading has changed over the years with new technology , risk assements and regulatory developments . Its been that I imagesam running through various series of investments and trading . Here is another one from Todd Harrison of Minyanville who is a very savvy investor and knowledgeable guy – His 10 commandments

  • Respect the price action, but never defer to it. Our eyes are valuable tools when trading, but if we deferred to the flickering ticks, stocks would be “better” up and “worse” down, and that’s a losing proposition. Continue reading
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