Best Trades of 2012 @ Wall Street

The global economy gloom is still not over but 2012 was more promising that the last couple of years after the major Subprime Crisis and the ongoing Euro Debt crisis. Here are some of the trades winning bets to be made on Wall Street in 2012. And finding some of them was relatively simple: Just buy the thing that caused—or nearly caused—a major financial meltdown a couple of years back.

1. Subprime mortgage bonds : May sound awkward Continue reading “Best Trades of 2012 @ Wall Street”

Best of Financial markets learning : My Collection

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Was thought of sharing this a long back but skipped from my mind . Markets provides lot of learning opportunities and if it is presented in the form of a movie it is more easy to learn . I am sharing some of the best movies that I saw and some quotes :

  • Most Corrupt Movie About Finance: Enron, The Smartest Guys In The Room       
  • Best Line: ’I would like to know if you are on crack, if so that would explain a lot. If not, you may want to start because it’s going to be a long time before we trust you again.’