If you where the prime minister of India : Ten Things to achieve India’s 2050 Potential

Just recalling my elementary school days and the English subject we all have written the essay on “If you where the prime minister of India“. If you compare those essay with the current scenario of the country I could write this with confidence that non of your point holds true .

I thought of rewriting it today with ten key areas where reform is needed. In all likelihood, they are not the only ten, but consider them to be the most crucial:

  1. Improve governance. Without better governance, delivery systems and effective implementation, Continue reading “If you where the prime minister of India : Ten Things to achieve India’s 2050 Potential”

(FDI) Foreign direct Investment & (FII) Foreign Institutional Investors : (Back to school)

Foreign direct investment is an investment of assets done by foreign origin company into the domestic equipments, organization, and company. (FDI)

An investor or investment fund that is from or registered in a country outside of the one in which it is currently investing. Institutional investors include hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds and mutual funds. (FII)

Lets try to understand the differences Continue reading “(FDI) Foreign direct Investment & (FII) Foreign Institutional Investors : (Back to school)”

India Growth Story

Apparently I did a lot of India growth stories through my postings. In the month of April when S&P downgraded India BBB- ?   that is the last rung in the ratings grade of S&P ,downgrade from here meaning India will be having speculative grade rating. I am very positive about it I don’t believe India’s growth problems are mainly related to global slow down. They are more structural in nature & need systemic changes.

Yesterday again S&P gave the red signal that India could be 1st BRIC to lose investment grade. Just look back Continue reading “India Growth Story”

The Economic of India : Yield Curve

When the GDP number came out for the Indian economy grew at 5.3% in the fourth quarter of the last fiscal. Impacting the expectation of India growth story of growing more than 7%. The 10-year bond yields fell 3 basis points to 8.49% as concerns over global risk aversion lured investors towards safe-haven government debt.

In the mean time some of my friends wanted to understand the impact Continue reading “The Economic of India : Yield Curve”