Post Budget Analysis in Advance

Today is the biggest political economic event of India the yearly govt. Budget 2017, It has been always the biggest blogsales event by the media and every year the projections, expectations are on the rise.

The following will be the reactions to the budget to be presented even before analyzing it .

  1. BJP – Path breaking, pro-farmer & will help the last person in the society.
  2. Congress – Anti-poor & will increase inflation.
  3. AAP – For the benefit of Adani & Ambani.
  4. CPI & CPM – Will serve American interest & will result in mass unemployment. Continue reading “Post Budget Analysis in Advance”

Sensex at 27000 or 20000

Too many research analysts, TV analysts and Exit polls are riding on the India’s biggest event of 2014. Every one knows this is an blogevent driven market and all wants to cash in the euphoria of the bull run.

The Indian market swing in the last 2 sessions discounting the BJP win for the elections. This market period has been quoted as the Mother of bull markets.

I do not know how many portfolios is in green or red. Whenever there is a big swing in the market the investors start anticipating and the analyst start guessing the bottom points. Emerging economies Indian Rupee and the stock market is the famous example now.  Continue reading “Sensex at 27000 or 20000”

Budget 2013 “The Yearly event of India”

This is the most event full day in the country,continuing from my last post the India Budget 2013 , the expectations are imageshigh because the world biggest democracy has more challenges on every front be it from the basic amenities like toilets. India has more cell phones than toilets .

Yesterday the Economic survey 2013 came out and Economic Survey indicates : India lost 10% share in global BPO mkt to China,Brazil in 5 years .

As said by Raghuram Rajan – The Chief Economic Adviser of India we stand on cross roads were we need to develop a clear strategy for continued inclusive growth.

We are batting on a sticky wicket, but betting… Continue reading “Budget 2013 “The Yearly event of India””