Facebook $100 billion on stake :

The more you read write, the lesser it is. I have done number of articles on this topic as it’s a hot selling cake in moribund financial market. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index sank 1.1 percent to 1,338.35, the lowest level since February, as Greece struggled to form a new government amid mounting concern the nation may leave the euro.

Well the latest is Facebook IPO: Oversubscribed, social network set to close books – WSJ reported. Continue reading “Facebook $100 billion on stake :”

Greece Again “Default already and get it over with. God this is tiring.”

To start with yesterday western markets tumbled and today morning Asia trading in the red. The ghost of greek debt default could wreak $1-trillion damage on euro-zone.

Stocks down, gold down, oil down, copper down, EU periphery debt down. The day is shaping up to be the worst for risk thus far in 2012.

The deal is turning on the screws, my last post on where ISDA Under criticism on GREECE indicates that Investors are under pressure to sign up to the deal, which will see them lose almost three-quarters of the value of their bonds.

Greece wants creditors who hold 90% or more of the debt to agree. If take-up falls below that but exceeds 75%, it is expected to force losses on those who do not willingly sign up, known as collective action clauses (CACs). Continue reading “Greece Again “Default already and get it over with. God this is tiring.””