BREXIT OPTIONS IF the Event was a Divorce

This is interesting peace I got from an anyonomous source , but worth reading regarding blogthe feel on BREXIT, if it would have been the case of divorse :

Hard Divorce: You lose the house, money, everything, and have no access to kids

Soft Divorce: You get access to the kids, but don’t expect any sex or anything like before. It’s different now Continue reading “BREXIT OPTIONS IF the Event was a Divorce”

EU single supervisory mechanism (SSM) for banks.

There is progress happening at the European Council as the statement made by the President of the European councilEurope, in presence of  the President of the European Parliament. Majority referred to the Nobel Prize as a tribute for the Union’s past achievements and an encouragement for the future. The focus was on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union.

The urgent element now is setting up a Single Supervisory Mechanism, to prevent banking risks and cross-border contagion from emerging. Continue reading “EU single supervisory mechanism (SSM) for banks.”

Euro Crisis: Grexit Now the Spexit

The more you read and write on this topic, the more you explore every time. Grexit? Spexit? and many more terminologies to hear as the crisis deepens. I did more than a dozen post where the recent one covers the EU submit and the Euro 2012 soccer cup Euro and European champions.

The aftermath to last weeks EU summit has certainly proved to be a damn sight more perplexing than the actual summit itself. Contrary to earlier experiences, Continue reading “Euro Crisis: Grexit Now the Spexit”

Euro Cup and 19th Euro Submitt

The Euro cup 2012 is all set for the sunday and we have Spain Vs. Italy. So It’s debt Vs debt in the euros final. As I am sure a zillion of you have already noted. In the noise of the Euro cup there was the nineteenth,
EU summit to save the Euro has, quite remarkably, agreed to do something to try and save the Euro.

The whole build-up and conclusion to this summit have brought a sense of nostalgia to some observers; the disillusionment in advance, Continue reading “Euro Cup and 19th Euro Submitt”

European Union submit : Cyprus is Junk : Greece/Spain/Italy

Watch out every investor has started eyeing Brussels as the dates are closer June 28-29 as they worried about an economic slowdown in the U.S. and China were preparing for the European leaders to disappoint at the EU summit.

There was anxiety on Monday Spain escalated,when the country formally asked other euro countries for rescue loans for its banks, Continue reading “European Union submit : Cyprus is Junk : Greece/Spain/Italy”