ECB Buying Back Bonds


The European Central Bank is preparing to unleash its financial might and buy government bonds to help drive down borrowing costs in debt-ridden countries like Spain and Italy, caught in the grip of what president Mario Draghi called a “worsening crisis.”

Draghi urged leaders of the 17 countries that use the euro to use their bailout fund to take the same action, sending a clear message: Europe’s financial crisis requires more forceful remedies than leaders have so far been able to muster.

The move towards bond buying came a day after the Federal Reserve hinted it was leaning toward further action to stimulate U.S. growth, highlighting the Continue reading “ECB Buying Back Bonds”

Euro and European champions

People celebrating in Spain. Could it be that we figured out how to repay the $125 billions we owe to Europe? Ah no… it’s football, again. Congrats Spain for winning the Euro 2012!

Reverting back to he EU submits in the words of Satyajit Das ” The Pavlovian response of financial markets to the European leaders’ summit of 28 and 29 June 2012 was remarkable. The frugal communiqué of 322 words fired the “animal spirits” of financial markets, which now believe that the European debt crisis has been “solved”. As comedian Robin Williams joked: “reality is just a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs. ” Continue reading “Euro and European champions”

Euro Cup and 19th Euro Submitt

The Euro cup 2012 is all set for the sunday and we have Spain Vs. Italy. So It’s debt Vs debt in the euros final. As I am sure a zillion of you have already noted. In the noise of the Euro cup there was the nineteenth,
EU summit to save the Euro has, quite remarkably, agreed to do something to try and save the Euro.

The whole build-up and conclusion to this summit have brought a sense of nostalgia to some observers; the disillusionment in advance, Continue reading “Euro Cup and 19th Euro Submitt”

European Union submit : Cyprus is Junk : Greece/Spain/Italy

Watch out every investor has started eyeing Brussels as the dates are closer June 28-29 as they worried about an economic slowdown in the U.S. and China were preparing for the European leaders to disappoint at the EU summit.

There was anxiety on Monday Spain escalated,when the country formally asked other euro countries for rescue loans for its banks, Continue reading “European Union submit : Cyprus is Junk : Greece/Spain/Italy”