The Well Known Differences Between Binary Option Trading And Forex Trading

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A trader is well aware that binary options trading and Forex trading are two different types of trading, both of which can bring in blogsignificant amount of profit. These two types of trading are the most common types of trading practiced and are well known to all traders. However, there exist some differences between these two types of trading. As a trader, it is important for you to know the differences in order to make the right trading decisions in the future. Binary trading is a new way of making money within a short time. On the other hand, Forex is a highly profitable market that has been into the market for quite some time now.

Knowing the Differences:

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Richard Dennis and His Turtles

Many of you may not be familiar with the name Richard Dennis. Dennis began his trading career at the age of 17 as an order runner to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and went on to become one of Chicago’s most successful traders.

Dennis firmly believed that successful trading could be taught. To prove his point, he recruited and trained 21 men and 2 women in two groups, one from December 1983, and the other from December 1984. This group was known as the Turtles and for only two weeks he taught them all they needed to know to become successful traders including a simple trend-following system, trading a range of commodities, currencies, and bonds as well as how to  buy within a certain range and how to cut a position size during losing periods.

When the two-week training period was over, Dennis opened a trading account for each of the Turtles and had them how to use the systems they had been shown in order to trade. During this one-month trading period, they were allowed to trade a maximum of 12 contracts per market. At the completion of the trial period, he gave those Turtles who had successfully traded the system during the one-month trial from $250,000 to $2 million of his own money to manage.

When his experiment ended five years later, his Turtles reportedly had earned an aggregate profit of $175 million, proving without a doubt that anyone can learn to trade. See more on The exact system taught to the Turtles by Dennis has been published in at least two books.Many of the Turtles continued to trade and became recognized figures in their field.   Continue reading “Richard Dennis and His Turtles”

A Recession Doesn’t Put Everything in Decline

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The ability to understand and manipulate economic markets for financial gain is a skill that has been watered down over

English: Fijian native trading with white traders.

the years. It seems these days that almost everyone thinks they are an expert in stock and shares, Forex or commodities. The big crash of 2008 and the ensuing volatility in a number of key markets have been refreshing in so much as it really separated the masters from the mice in market trading.

Identifying Trends

Those who have managed to continue to make money during these hard times are the quintessential trend spotters. However in this case they are not so much spotting an individual trend, more the changing methods of how to invest in the stock market. Continue reading “A Recession Doesn’t Put Everything in Decline”

Reflection time 2012 – As Market Professional as Trader !!

As we come to the end of the year, I want to encourage and challenge my readers to think about their trading imagesperformance. Working toward trading competence is a path, not a destination. Whether you are an experienced trader who is very pleased with your performance, a struggling developing trader, or someone who has just begun her journey, I’d like you to spend a few hours in self-reflection and ask yourself a few simple, but profoundly important questions:

Caveat Emptor for Trading aspirants

Before I start the discussion, I would like to open the discussion How many people do you know that are as successful as they want to  not take responsibility for their actions?
They always have excuses to succeed not fail.You know if something is not working do not go down with the sinking ship. Have a reason for everything you do so you can learn from it. Trading is hard because what is written in stone one day is thrown out the next.

Here is just one of the conversation with trader, which you never want youto be, sharing as its interesting too, here is how it went.