Exchange Vs. OTC Market

imagesToday while writing today`s blog, I was again confused as what to write with which may be of great use for my readers and finally decided to discuss a very basic topic of capital market which is The Difference between Exchange trading & Over-The-Counter trading (OTC Trading).
Many financial markets around the world, such as stock markets, do their trading through exchange. However, forex trading does not operate on an exchange basis, but trades as ‘Over-The-Counter’ markets (OTC). The stocks, bonds and other instruments traded on these exchanges are known as listed securities. Continue reading “Exchange Vs. OTC Market”

The Stock Market vs The Futures Market

Economic downturns make investors think twice (if not a hundred times) about putting their money on stocks. The continual plunge of the US dollar to staggering depths during the past few years has given investors a hard lesson in how to invest—even the most prominent stocks can plummet from great heights. Thanks to the futures market, investors can still see the light at the end of a dark, a seemingly endless tunnel. {Happy News} gives a good review on gold versus silver trading.

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Is Inflation & Commodity Futures linked

Its been over weeks that the world may world faces food crisis as worst US drought in more than 50yrs pushes agricultural commodity prices to record highs.  The scenario is same across the globe and we have some political statements that  India has not reached drought situation: Sharad Pawar – He is just waiting for the next big commodity import scam as reported by the leading news paper from India. Continue reading “Is Inflation & Commodity Futures linked”

Commodities market and the Indian govt. Saga

I did a post 3 years back and I can confirm the stalemate continues. Later on this I did a series of post but don’t know when the revolution will happen for the Indian commodities market. The The Great Indian commodities market was written with some hope recently.

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