A Thought-out approach to spread betting

For those who believe in the random market theory; there will be no way of explaining how it is possible to consistently


win with spread betting. This is because they believe that trading financial markets is akin to flipping a coin in terms of success or failure with each trade that we take. In other words it is gambling pure and simple.
What proponents of this theory fail to realise is that, although spread betting is governed under ‘gaming laws’ in the UK, those who manage to be consistently successful cannot be simply flipping a coin. These traders, of course, are not betting on the price of a stock, currency or commodity going up or down simply as the result of a wild guess, but have highly systematic and thought-out plans of how each trade will be successful. Continue reading “A Thought-out approach to spread betting”

JP Morgan : Jamie Dimon Testimony

Ever thought of  how wonderful its is ! as we always knew it goes like this: Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Jamie Dimon – the greatest friends of humanity. Well the story is over and it has become past the latest Jamie Dimon dog and pony show. To summarize what we can interpret it from : –