The world is waiting for MAY 16 – MAY 17 … Till than Holidays

Folks I would be on holidays for a week, so obviously there would be no blogging …blog

The biggest democracy of the world is dancing and awaiting for the May 16- 17 outcome, positive  outcome is very important for India, as this will break or make the economy. Hung parliament is the worst thing if it happens. As per Election commission of India the cost of conducting polls was INR 600 per person, this is for them those who are not aware of the expenditure for conducting elections.

Well don’t want to express much opinion on the above as in this country every body is a born politician and every one has his/her consensus on the political parties. Continue reading “The world is waiting for MAY 16 – MAY 17 … Till than Holidays”

Love you by Finance Market Professional : Valentine day

You know it’s better to give your loved one a nerdy Valentine they will be your’s forever !!
Reasons : If you give them diamonds/cufflinks this year or whatever you get them next year they will fall short !

Give them one of these and anything they receive next year will grow or a step up.

The terminology called as Expectation Management – Key to a long happy relationship.

With this Note have a happy Valentine’s Day !!

An expression of open proposal someone who could understand these priceless charts

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