TOP 10 Stocks for 2014

Well I don’t disclose my view or portfolio, as there is lot of pundits in the stock market who has their own

Yesterday some body was keen to invest in the markets and wanted to know about my portfolio.

I have given him the list of Stocks that should perform during 2014 based on my small analysis & my own justification it may differ for others and I will not talk about numbers too 🙂

  1. Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals: I am expecting that this company to achieve its revenue and see a Compounded annual growth rate of 15%. It will do well in US.
  2. TCS: The Company’s well-balanced portfolio across services and geographies, and strong leadership. Deal wins, hiring trends and management demand commentary remain encouraging.  Continue reading “TOP 10 Stocks for 2014”

The Tax on Income & Tax Savings

As we heading towards the end of financial year 2012-2013, there is no room for procrastination now. If you do not plan your taxes

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now, you will end up paying a hefty sum.

As a late planner, you will not get the maximum benefits from tax-savings instruments due to the notional loss in investment, but you can minimize the damage. For most of the people “Tax-Saving” brings to mind life insurance, Equity-linked saving scheme, NSC etc. under section 80-C of the Income-Tax Act. An individual can claim tax deductions of upto Rs. 2 lakh under 80C.

There are quite a few options you can opt for tax savings:- Continue reading “The Tax on Income & Tax Savings”

Mutual Fund – Series

How to choose a mutual fund is always been a big question in front of the investor. The generic answer that every body provides is it depends upon the intension and purpose of the investor. It holds true in the circumstances when you have the series of asset managing companies starting from AIG, AXIS, BARODA, BHARTIAXA, BIRLA, BNP, CANARA, DAIWA, DEUTSCHE, DSP, EDELWEISS, ESCORTS, FIDELITY, Continue reading “Mutual Fund – Series”