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SimCorp Survey -released the findings of a poll conducted in March. Respondents included nearly 60 executives from 34DSC01210 capital market firms from around the world.Results show that 53% of capital markets respondents are not ready to centrally clear interest rate and credit default swaps.

With regulations like Dodd-Frank and EMIR aiming to increase transparency and market efficiency in over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trading, the poll asked respondents whether or not their firms are ready to centrally clear interest rate swaps (IRS) and credit default swaps (CDS). While 41% answered yes, a 53% majority answered no. Continue reading

Small to medium-sized businesses in the UK are due to be compensated after the Financial Services Authority estimated

What's in the bag? Business of Software 2010

that 90% of interest rate swap contracts were mis sold. The scandal has thrown up a number of similarities with the Payment Protection Insurance controversy, in which scores of British banking customers were duped into paying into PPI schemes when they didn’t want, need or ask for them.

It’s expected that the forthcoming reviews will shine light on a series of underhand tactics being used by the banks. Continue reading

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