The Crisis and Response

The recent crisis as lead to unexpected results, Here is what I feel the most unusual lessons…gm_00411 Darwin, Northern Territory Painting 1983

Lesson #1 Government agencies allocate capital better than the private sector
Lesson #2 Central banks should control asset prices and prevent them from falling
Lesson #3 Darwin & Schumpeter were wrong, creationists are right; there is such a thing as a free lunch
Lesson #4 Towards a new orthopraxy
Lesson #5 Wondrous tools used by the clergy to grow GDP
Lesson #6 How to finance infinite needs……

Hello World Bank for International Settlements Warns

Yesterday I was going through a very interesting piece delivered by Jaime Caruana . General manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and he also hold the position in the past to be a former governor of Bank of Spain.

Well the message from the report of BIS is very clear that not enough being done to repair finances of Banks & Governments – cheap central-bank money props up the lame ducks. Another major remark from BIS Continue reading “Hello World Bank for International Settlements Warns”