Delusions and Bullet-proof Portfolio

In financial markets, craziness creates opportunity. It affects only prices, not values. And one of the craziest afflictions I fullsize_10know of is our faith in our ability to see the future. Indeed, there isn’t even an appropriate opposite to the word ‘foresight’ in the English language. So I’m going to make one up. And rather than build a portfolio based on the pretence we have foresight, let’s explore some ideas for building one that is robust to our fore-blindness.

Here are some things I think are true:

The Currency war is on

I always like to be bullish on things but you cannot avoid he ground realities and say bullish. The Europe’s politicians euro_2453852bjoin a chorus of policy-makers across the globe pushing for devaluations to fight for market share we can expect currency conflicts.

The telegraph reported –  Jean-Claude Juncker, EuroGroup chief, has signaled that Europe is no longer willing to be the last economic player holding the toxic parcel of an over-valued exchange rate, describing the euro as “dangerously high” after its three-month surge against the dollar, yuan and yen. Continue reading “The Currency war is on”

FAULT LINES : By The chief economic adviser to the Government of India

From the financial theory to practice Rahuram Rajan the chief economic adviser of India. Mr Rajan is even more of a free-market man than Mr Basu. Fault Linesattacks state subsidies of housing finance as well as Wall Street. He has been vocal about India’s troubles.

Fault lines by Rahuram Rajan is the extraction of so many journals published him. The book paints a larger picture on the distributional issues in the income and strata of society, Continue reading “FAULT LINES : By The chief economic adviser to the Government of India”