Is it the final Quantitative Easing

The Stock Twits did a great job on the never ending Quantitative Easing . As T.S. Eliot said The end is where we start from.A

Below are nine points  believe are the key going forward:

  1. The Fed is not uncomfortable yet with the level of market speculation, complacency and asset price reflation – but it is totally and completely aware of what we’re up to.
  2. The castigating rhetoric of hedge fund managers emanating from both Sohn and SALT, whose tongues loll out of their mouths from their break-neck pursuit of the runaway benchmark indexes, has not been lost on the FOMC. Voting members are not only aware of the effects their policies are having, they are aware of the perceptions surrounding them as well. Continue reading “Is it the final Quantitative Easing”