Are CLOs, CDOs returning Back !! Déjà vu 2004

Recall the financial crisis in 2008 and the first thing that will knock  the head will be structured finance deals. In the last downloadposts we have tried to put on the explanations to these structured product.

The financial media reported “At the end of last year we started to see a surge in CLO [collateralized loan obligation] issuance, and now we are going to start to see a surge in CDO issuance. These are the same instruments Continue reading “Are CLOs, CDOs returning Back !! Déjà vu 2004”

Satyajit Das : Counting on GOLD’s Midas Touch

Yesterday I was going through the commentary provided by Satyajit Das to a financial daily that was focused on “The return of the Golden age”.

He quotes Investors have poured money into exchange traded funds that buy gold. Some central banks are now rebuilding their gold reserves. In Germany, gold is available in airports and train stations from “Gold to Go” vending machines. Shoppers can buy a 1-gram wafer of gold or a larger 10g bar. Gold bugs speculate about a new age of gold.

The above statement was made as the Federal Reserve is giving the U.S. economy Continue reading “Satyajit Das : Counting on GOLD’s Midas Touch”