The Lehman’s collapse – past 5 years

On 15th September 2008, Lehman Brothers declared itself bankrupt. The blog was relatively new,In one of the most dramatic events of the 8135302007-2008 global financial crisis, the 160-year old institution collapsed due to its exposure to subprime mortgages. After Lehman’s failure, financial markets entered a period of unprecedented volatility and governments spent trillions of dollars attempting to restore confidence in the banking industry. Five years on, how has the banking industry landscape changed?

On the one hand, the risk of another Lehman-style collapse has been reduced because banks are better capitalised than they were before the crisis. For UK banks, for example, Tier 1 capital was 8% of risk-weighted assets in 2008; by 2012 this had risen to 13%. In addition, the market infrastructure is being strengthened by the introduction of central counterparties, Continue reading “The Lehman’s collapse – past 5 years”