Exchange Vs. OTC Market

imagesToday while writing today`s blog, I was again confused as what to write with which may be of great use for my readers and finally decided to discuss a very basic topic of capital market which is The Difference between Exchange trading & Over-The-Counter trading (OTC Trading).
Many financial markets around the world, such as stock markets, do their trading through exchange. However, forex trading does not operate on an exchange basis, but trades as ‘Over-The-Counter’ markets (OTC). The stocks, bonds and other instruments traded on these exchanges are known as listed securities. Continue reading “Exchange Vs. OTC Market”

Types of Investors in Financial Markets :-

There are several types on Investors in the market makinginvestments in one or more categories of assets with the objective of

Hedge Fund Managers - Lynching Party Needed

making a profit.  To name a few Individual investors, Angel investors, Sweat equity investor, Venture capitalist funds, Investment Trusts, Mutual funds, Hedge funds and Sovereign wealth funds.. here are some of the views how investment defined by them.

Warren buffet: A good business that can be purchased for less than the discounted value of its future earnings.

George Soros: An investment that can be purchased (or sold) prior to a reflexive shift in market psychology/fundamentals that will change Continue reading “Types of Investors in Financial Markets :-“

Desperate times Knight Capital !! Error or scandal

Last week Knight Capital Group lost $440 million when it sold all the stocks it accidentally bought because a computer glitch. Well Group ($KCG) lost $440 million – that’s aLmost as much as Zuckerberg loses each day!

When this story first broke, it was a bit different from other “algos gone wild” stories we’ve seen in recent history: there were 140 stocks affected, and they were on both the buy side and the sell side. We can say that the large programming trading desk, Continue reading “Desperate times Knight Capital !! Error or scandal”