Do India has a National Stock Market ?

Mumbai went for polling on April 24th 2014, although the polling was not so great and live people disappeared from the voters

It was  another reminder that India still does not have a national stock market. The Indian stock markets are closed because Mumbai went to the poll April 24th. The country as a whole goes to the polls on ten different days spread over more than a month. Either the stock market should be closed on ten days or on none.

It is high time that the regulators required that the exchanges should operate out of their disaster recovery location when Mumbai has a holiday and most of the country is working. That would also be a wonderful way of testing whether all those business continuity plans work as nicely on the ground as they do on paper. But something tells me that this is unlikely to happen anytime soon Continue reading “Do India has a National Stock Market ?”

The Ghost of Foreign Direct Investment Retail in India

Way back in 2010 -2011 I expressed the views regarding the FDI  Foreign Direct Investment in retail , it has been a roller costar ride  the decision was hold back by the government when the initially introduced, and now the parliament impasse over it. Lets analyse the scenario of  Mumbai

Food shopping in India is not a precious affair, Continue reading “The Ghost of Foreign Direct Investment Retail in India”

Euro bonds a distant dream

Quoting from the WSJ  “Germany opposes the issuance of jointly backed European bonds, arguing that they would allow inefficient, highly indebted economies to gain a free ride on the stability and favorable financial conditions secured by the more-disciplined countries. German officials have said that such bonds can be an option only once all euro-zone member states have improved the health of their finances and boosted their competitiveness.” To put the above in simple words we do not want to pay.

Indeed this was expected as I recently got the opportunity to interact with a German Professor for Continue reading “Euro bonds a distant dream”

An argument between love and Finance Market professional

Before the Grexit and Brokers terminologies I did an article from the train that focused on European Debt Crisis : Resolution or Dissolution. While returning back from Indore to Mumbai  by India‘s non stop trains  Duronto express. I met a lady and has an argument on the financial market profession and the expression of love. She has her own point of view that the people from Finance industry do not understand emotions  and run for money.

But I believe  emotional difficulties are  common to all the profession Continue reading “An argument between love and Finance Market professional”