Valuation Of Swaption: Back To School

imagesContinuing with our last post on Swaption, we are here to discuss the “Valuation of Swaption” today. A swaption can be settled in 2 ways as :-

  1. Physical settlement:- when an option is exercised to go ahead with the underlying Interest rate swap; and
  2. Cash Settlement:- When an option is exercised for the cash value and the market value of the underlying swap changes hands upon exercise.

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SWAPTION- Constructed And Executed By William Lawton in 1983: Back To School

download (1)Today, I was thinking, what to write on and was confused whether to discuss on some current market situation or to go with some basic concept again for our finance freshers.  And, finally decided to write on SWAPTION, so as to add a thought again to our “back to School Series”.

Swaption was first introduced by William Lawton in 1983 while he was facilitating First Interstate Bank in Los Angeles as the Head Trader for Fixed Income Derivatives.

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10 Trading Tips

imagesWhen ever I felt like that I have tried to input maximum rules for trading something always come up as a part of new learning‘s.

Have done a series of posts mainly Mistakes Great Trader Never make , Price is what you pay – Value is what you get , Derivatives Known Unknowns and Regulators , ROGUE TRADER Charisma , Best Financial market learning some collection and many more –

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Binary Option Trading Work From Home – Trade Smart and beware of scams


Binary Option Trading as A work From Home Opportunity

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CDS and Exotic Options

Ever heard of exotic options, like barrier, knock-out, and knock-in options. Lets try to distinguish them.

In finance, a barrier option is an exotic derivative typically an option on the underlying asset whose price breaching the pre-set barrier level either springs the option into existence or extinguishes an already existing option.

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