Euro Zone

I have always contagion on the negative terms as it has been evolving and spreading  since the

Was observing the great Euro zone Yield convergence at Bloomberg from the FT dash-board  –

…let’s not forget about one thing. We speak a lot about contagion when things go poorly, but I believe that there is also contagion, positive contagion, when things go well. And I think this is in play now. There is positive contagion.  – Mario Draghi,  ECB President

The Key Data Points

German 10-year Bund 5 bps higher; Continue reading “Euro Zone”

Contagion Predicting for Euro

Well the election is over in Greece and the New democracy party gained and possible that they will need support from Syriza to form the government. The question still remain in my mind. Can the Greece leave he euro quietly ? well possible but a lot of arguments has already been put in to  posts and the economists, financial baron have discussed.

When I say possible because the Greek economy is just 2% of the Euro zone GDP. but here again it  already had plenty of noise knock on effects. Continue reading “Contagion Predicting for Euro”