History may rhyme it doesn’t repeat itself

The single greatest mistake investors make is to extrapolate recent history out into the future. They take the financial blogreturns of the past 5 days or 5 years or even 50 years and assume the next few days or years will look just the same without any consideration for the historical context or conditions that provided for those returns.

They forget that, while ‘history may rhyme, it doesn’t repeat itself’ (Twain). Or that, “the only thing that is constant is change” (Heraclitus). These two famous quotes apply to the financial markets as much as anything.

Ignoring these truths and instead simply extrapolating is why investors are suckered into pouring money into the stock market only after a run of great performance. They believe that the recent gains are about to repeat to their great benefit when they should be thinking about what conditions allowed for those gains to take place and analyzing whether they are still relevant or not. Continue reading “History may rhyme it doesn’t repeat itself”

Typical spinoff situation :-(Back to School)

The company decides to spin-off a business division.

The parent company files the necessary paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The spinoff becomes a company of its own and must also file paperwork with the SEC.
Shares in the new company are distributed to parent company shareholders.
The spinoff company goes  Continue reading “Typical spinoff situation :-(Back to School)”