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The most indebted man in the world.

English: Expres Bank - Société générale retail...

Former Société Générale rogue trader Jerome Kerviel owes the bank $6.3 billion. I did mention him in my last posts SocGen Rogue Trader Jerome Kerviel and Rogue Trader Jerome Kerviel is Back .

Jerome Kerviel is learning one of life’s harsher lessons: It stinks to be $6.3 billion in debt. That’s how much his fraudulent trades in 2007 and 2008 cost French bank Société Générale, and how much he has been ordered to pay in restitution — after he gets out of jail in three years. A judge recently upheld these Continue reading “The most indebted man in the world.”

SocGen Rogue Trader Jerome Kerviel

Those of you who have not heard this name recalling for them. Jerome Kerviel,who became famous in January 2008 as the junior trader who’d lost €4.9 billion at French bank Société Générale by engineering a series of risky trades.

Kerviel was recently sentenced to three years in prison. Continue reading “SocGen Rogue Trader Jerome Kerviel”