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Well it’s a financial blog. Why valentine day love post??  You can’t ignore love, have been trying to mix the economic functions that can be heart-512x512 blogcalibrated with love.  I will not go on the personal finance or behavioral finance  side but the lure for the occasion provides some liners:-

·         You’re my long-run target; my nominal anchor.

·         I’m going to extraordinary measures to increase your stimulus.

·         I long for you as the economy longs for its long-run maximum potential

·         Her deviations are never standard, her probabilities never mean.  Continue reading

In the past years my posts on 14th February some way or the other have been in conversations between Love and Finance, my last blogpost in 2013 on Feb 14th was a kind of open proposal expression through the priceless charts Love you by Finance Market Professional : Valentine day! , also today my blog turned-up 6 years old, and my first ever post was on the Mergers and Acquisitions in India! and the government policies .

Getting back to the topic for today A few years ago, somebody asking this question on market timings would have been dismissed as a nit-picking nerd, but today that question has become extremely important. Last week, the Wall Street Journal’s Money Beat blog ! carried an interesting story about how this difference cost a trader $100,000. Continue reading

You know it’s better to give your loved one a nerdy Valentine they will be your’s forever !!
Reasons : If you give them diamonds/cufflinks this year or whatever you get them next year they will fall short !

Give them one of these and anything they receive next year will grow or a step up.

The terminology called as Expectation Management – Key to a long happy relationship.

With this Note have a happy Valentine’s Day !!

An expression of open proposal someone who could understand these priceless charts

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